Good morning Gentlemen,   


Welcome to this blog on men's fashion. Don’t be afraid, this is not a commercial offer or any other kind of proposal which requires your commitment or financial resources.  


I am just a 31 year old man (or guy, as I still like to define myself in order to keep on feeling always young and fresh...) who wants to share some experience, hoping that it could help many of you out there in dealing with the issues and concerns a 20-30-40-something-year old guy meets in his daily life.   


But again, don’t be scared. I am not here to provide pearls of wisdom with regards to how to satisfy sexually your partner, or how to lose seven stones weight in one month, or how to survive your boss and colleagues in the office.   


I leave that crap to magazines such as Men’s Health or FHM or Nuts or anything similar.   


What I am going to talk about here is fashion and grooming. Precisely, men's fashion, men's style, tailoring and male grooming.   


For Men.


Or better, just and exclusively for Men.   


Indeed, I will try to provide few tips and guidelines, which, from my little experience in the field (different years working in the fashion industry), can help YOU, guys, in dealing with the DOs and DONTs concerning general look, clothing, grooming, style and ultimately impression.   


And what a better tool than a blog can be? It is anonymous, it is free, you can check it out every time you wish. In the office or at home, far away from indiscrete eyes or while sipping a Latte at your favourite Starbuck’s.   


Feel free to come up here every time you want or need, as well as to leave any comment, advise or criticism you would like to share.   


But now, the main question comes up...   


WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, Mr Stewart? Who do you think you are to write a blog and to share and expose your opinions and tips on this website? And why should other people follow these?   


So, let me introduce you myself briefly first.   


My name is Lorenzo (Lawrence) and as I told you above, I am a 31 year old guy, living in London. I am half Italian, half English. I lived all my childhood in Italy, but I have been living in London for the last eleven years. I have been a fashionista since my early days and always attentive to fashion and tailoring since I was 16 years old, a high school student in Italy, when I first understood the importance of having the right look and clothes in order to impress the people around you.

Also, I was lucky enough to live completely absorbed into the fashion world from my early age, thanks to close family friends working or owning companies specialised in fashion clothing and accessories' manufacturing and distribution. After living in Milan between the age of 18 and 20 (where I graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University), I decided to come to London and dedicate my life and career to the fashion business . So I got into a Master program in Strategic Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion while attending at the same time two Diplomas at Central St. Martin’s, one in Textile Design and one in Fashion Design with Marketing (with focus on Fashion Journalism), so that I could fully cover the whole fashion cycle from top to bottom.   


And since then, everything started. I worked as a stylist, as a strategic fashion consultant, as a marketing and merchandising manager, as a product developer across different product categories (Accessories, Menswear, Womenswear), always for big luxury brands based in Milan, Paris and ultimately London.   


All my friends always suggested me to write a book about fashion. Mainly on how to do stuff and on tactics and ways to improve people’s appearance with simple tips. Some others suggested me to write a kind of bio on how the fashion business works and on the different crossings between clothes, ideas, design, fashion and products.   


Well, my friends, I am trying to put the two together with this blog. I don’t know what the final result will be... We will see here...


AND NOW, AS FROM OCTOBER 2012, the A-MEN blog becomes a TEAM of three people.

The three of us are all different but all very detailed and crazy about fashion and style. In this way, we guarantee you even a more refined approach to all the things happening out there, and a precise look to spot the upcoming trends of each season.  


Anyway, stop talking about ourselves. We do not want to go too much in detail right now. We let you guys give a read about what we write.

If you don’t like it, please move on and go to the next website or blog. But if you like it, please come back to us every time you want and ask us all the questions or suggestions you would like to discuss further. And you can do this either by simply posting directly on this blog in the COMMENTS section, or by writing us an email at the address   


We guarantee an ASAP reply.   


Ah, one last thing... Why calling this blog A-MEN?   


Because we are all A-MEN, guys!! I mean, we are all “Class A” Men, until someone proves the contrary...   


And as A-MEN, we will never let anyone tell us what we are or we are not. 


Best Regards,


Lorenzo (Lawrence) Stewart





So what are you waiting for?


Not only you find special features and tips on fashion, style and male grooming, but also interesting and innovative insights from the Men's fashion shows, catwalks and presentations from London, Milan, Paris and New York.

From the first edition of London Collections: Men, to Pitti Uomo (in Florence), to Milan Men's Fashion Week, to Paris Men's fashion shows and collections.


You just need to read... It is free... It is a blog... It is for people like you...


Simply enjoy our content from the comfortable chair at your office desk or relaxed on your sofa at home. 

Ask questions and advises directly at our website or by emailing us at

Connect and share your experiences with us at


We are here for you to give you the greatest experience as an A-Man.


But what is A-men for us?


Well, A-men are guys between the age of 20 to 60 years old, looking for a platform where they can always find the right look they search for on a daily basis, in order either to update their daily appearance or to boost their attitude and confidence at work and in their general social life.

A-Men are YOU, guys. Men who take care of their bodies, their style, and who want to be informed and kept updated on what is going on around them, not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of general style guidelines that are always useful to refresh (such as how to bow a tie, or how to choose the perfect jacket for your fit, etc).


We are not here to provide you with a philosophy of life and we do not want to teach you anything.


A-Men just wants to be your special (and eventually even secret) tool where you can always come and check for general advises, tips or simply for inspiration in terms of style, look, fashion and male grooming.


So... Well, we said it all...


Now it is your turn to make this experience great or just informative, as you wish.


And please, just remember we are always here for you, waiting for your comments and advises in order to improve this tool for you.


Thank you again for your consideration and for the great response you are already giving us!


(Images from Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Shows: Burberry Prorsum, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, D-Squared, Versace, Giorgio Armani)