"The Return to the Age of Sex: the A&F Quarterly"

11th December, 2012

Between few sartorial tips and some selected coats, we have decided to go more “visual” in this post, for the pleasure of our male and (especially) female readers.


The best way to do this was to assemble together the sexiest and most discussed (or even banned) pictures published over the years in the Abercrombie and FitchQuarterly (a.k.a. “A&F Quarterly”), all in one post, in order to celebrate the upcoming return (at the beginning of year 2013) of one of the most controversial and discussed fashion catalogues around.


The “A&F” Quarterly is the lifestyle periodical by Abercrombie and Fitch, whose main purposes are the ones of promoting the brand and of acting as an official catalogue of the main merchandise in store.


Originally, in 1997, it was designed to target college-aged youth (18-22), but since its contents prominently encompass a variety of articles on lifestyle, sex and entertainment, together with highly sexual photographs taken by Bruce Weber, it soon became a global marketing tool addressed to men and women of every age.

The catalogue was banned in America after the 2003 Christmas issue (focused on nude models in nature), and so discontinued until 2008, when it resurfaced as a one-time limited edition exclusively for the European market.

After that episode, A&F Quarterly returned in 2010 as an element for the Back-to-School marketing campaign, becoming the first issue sold simultaneously worldwide.


So, fifteen years after its debut, the A&F catalogue is hitting back the stores next month, and in order to celebrate this return, we have collected in this post the sexiest and most controversial, discussed, famously celebrated or banned, pictures published until now...


For your eyes only...


Courtesy of "A&F Quarterly" - Years 1997 to 2012

The 1997 - 2003 American Editions

The last American issue (2003), the 2008 European issue and the 2010 "Back to School" Global issue


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