"Styling it like a Prince..."

06th December, 2012

Dressing like a Prince...






Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is going to be a father soon.


As we all know, on 3 December 2012, it was announced by St James' Palace that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant and expecting the couple's first child.


With this in mind, what could be a better excuse than this in order to review briefly Prince William’s style in the last couple of years?


Indeed, Prince William can be easily recognised as the Royal champion of sobriety and as one of the best representations of how traditional style and clothing does not mean necessarily boring.


From his typical formal tailoring looks that he presents during all the official events (where he likes to alternate navy and grey two-piece suits), to the more down to earth casual look of a cashmere jumper in tonal matching colour with the trousers.


Here we present you with few classic and notorious looks from the Prince, together with our suggestions for “reasonable” priced alternatives to the Savile Row’s suits and sweaters, directly taken from the high-street stores in your town, if you want to dress and feel like a PRINCE... 



Overall Prince William has the simple, clean, and proper style we expect from modern day British royalty such as himself. 


His suits aren't slim-fit tailored, he doesn't wear brightly contrasting tie and shirt combos, and he never went sockless since he was a young lad at university (and indeed this is an extremely important point to bear in mind every time you wear a suit: socks are important as the shirt, and they should never be missed... And if possible, please always opt for black socks: white is a NO WAY colour for socks under a suit, even when you wear a white suit).

William keeps it completely “classic”.


As we said, he mainly wears navy suits (sometimes double-breasted), light blue button-ups with classic pointed medium spread collars, and navy/light blue or burgundy checkered ties. 


When he goes casual he usually opts for simple polos paired with khakis, or crew-neck sweaters on-top of button-up shirts and trousers.



Prince William's look is 'understated luxury' - a two-piece suit with a ticket pocket.


He's gone for a ticket pocket as he is quite tall. By adding a ticket pocket in the suit, the look helps breaking up the length of the jacket, thus playing down his height in relation to his fiancée. 


Prince William's look gives a nod to traditional style, but the cloth he chooses and the way the suit is cut, is modern.


The suit worn by William, above, has five buttons on the cuff, has a notched lapel and is set against a crisp, white shirt.


If in doubt, wear a brilliant white shirt especially with a deep or rich coloured suit. Complement the shirt with a hand-made pocket square in matching shirting or lining fabric.



The casual look he presented in the last couple of days, during each of his visits at King Edward’s Hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is currently under monitoring, further demonstrates the sobriety of his persona.


A total tonal colour look, either in grey or in light blue, never eccentric in colours, and generally paired up with a white shirt: cashmere round-neck collar sweaters and same-colour trousers are his distinctive character outside the official occasions.

A peculiar attention goes to the accessories.


Prince William always coordinates (as it ALWAYS should be in classic gentleman’s style) shoes and belt in colour. 


He generally wears black accessories in formal occasions and brown accessories in casual moments.


Never mixing up the two, never daring other colours. 

If you want to dress up as Prince William and do not want to spend too much money on a Savile Row’s (where Prince William actual suits come from) suit, you have different options to choose in order to re-create the classic navy or grey two-piece formal looks.


Hugo Boss and Brooks Brothers are the best examples where you can easily find a nice navy or grey suit like the ones of the Prince for less than £500 (€600, $800).


And if you are in London these days and you do not want to spend more than a £1,000 in Savile Row (the famous street where all traditional men’s tailors are resident), you can hit Covent Garden stores in King Street in order to find reasonable priced suits from Boss, or Moss Brown, or other high street brands at convenient prices.


With regards to the casual looks, if you do not want to spend more than £400 in a 100% cashmere British jumper in Burlington Arcade, you can still find 100% cashmere round-collar and V-neck sweaters, in EXACTLY the same colours as the ones worn by Prince William, at Uniqlo...


And you can even order them online!!


Enjoy your own Prince William’s customised looks and let us know if you really feel like a contemporary royal...


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