"The 10 Best Coats for This Winter"

27th November 2012

The Coats you want to buy...

OK, it is the right time of the year to talk SERIOUSLY about coats.


Why "seriously"?


As a friend of mine keeps on telling me: “I don’t understand few things about fashion... One is that if I want to buy a winter coat, I am going to buy it in October or November, not in August... So is there a way I can find a winter coat WHEN I want to buy it and wear it?”


So, here it is: for my dear friend L. and for many of you out there, the blog post you were all waiting for, at the right buying time of the season.


In addition, please bear in mind that the coats I am showing you here are the actual coats you can see already people around you wearing... So you know you won’t make a “fashion mistake” by buying one of these, depending of course, on your finances.


From the most expensive to the cheapest Zara version, here you might find your next ideal winter coat. And you can buy it and wear it NOW!!!

Let's start then...

1. GIVENCHY - £2,765 (€3,000 - $4,765)


This is a one and a half coat, as you can see easily from the picture here. Indeed, at this quite expensive price, you buy a sleeveless outer piece over a single breasted coat. So, you can even adapt it to the different occasions, but of course, we suggest you always to keep the two parts together.


Remember: usually the high price is due either to a high blend of cashmere vs. wool, or to the amount of details inside and outside the coat, or both.


This coat has them all! In addition, it has a slim cut and fits true to size, and you can wear easily a blazer or a suit jacket underneath given the sleeveless component which frees the shoulders completely.

2. BURBERRY PRORSUM- £1,895 (€2,195 - $3,095)


Exactly as featured in the Menswear fashion show last January and on the current AD campaign.


It is made of black and grey herringbone tweed, with double breasted buttons fastening (which means, you will feel tighter on your chest and upper abs).  


There is no cashmere here, but a blend of wool, polyester, mohair and silk.

There is a single vent (as the majority of the coats we have selected here) and three pockets. It has a slim cut, but you always prefer (since it is Burberry which is famous for very tight sleeves) to take a size bigger than your normal one.


You still think it is too much...


Well, our dear friend Zara made a very similar version (of course not with the same blend of fabrics, but mainly in polyester) for just £159 currently in store. Here below you find a picture of the article...

3. DOLCE & GABBANA - £1,735 (€1,995 - $2,595)


A single breasted grey wool blend overcoat with black shearling fur.


Shearling fur is back with a “boom” this season: I know that many readers won’t agree with this statement, but it is a fact (and also a strong confirmation from the market) that coats with fur trims or details sell well.


And customers recognise the high price paid for these coats. As you can see, we have selected here three coats with fur out of the ten. T


he Dolce & Gabbana one is the most expensive here and it also has nice peaked lapels. The fit is very neat and slim, typical D&G style.

4. GUCCI - £1,530 (€1,650 - $2,295)


Second fur coat of the selection: a black 100% wool coat with brown shearling collar, belted cuffs and double breasted button fastening.


The details are important here: four symmetrical front pockets are always worth the expense. The shape and fit are a bit boxy, but still comfortable. And you will never regret the quality of a Gucci coat, trust us.

5. PAUL SMITH - £1,105 (€1,250 - $1,600)


The third and last of our shearling-collared coats. Another 100% wool coat with double breasted buttons fastening, this time from Sir Paul Smith.


The important detail here is the suede undercollar (which you might find nice to be worn on the outside, if you decide to pull up the fur collar for a warm feeling). The cut is regular and the fit is quite comfortable.


But please, be careful if you have broad shoulders: Paul Smith fit is always quite slim on the upper part so please try different sizes before picking up the right one.


6. Emporio Armani - £840 (€900 - $1,200)


Finally, let’s start the category of the “under £1,000 coats”.


King Giorgio Armani, once again, comes first with a flannel coat in 97% wool and that 3% cotton able to give you that slight flexibility in movement you always wish to have.


Single button cuffs and three front pockets complete a simple but elegant coat that won’t make your wallet cry, and still make you look sharp and refined.

8. ACNE - £650 (€715 - $950)


A 90% wool and 10% cashmere coat with velvet trims (collar and two flap pockets) and simple button fastening.


A relatively good price from a brand that is becoming trendier day by day. It is slightly understated but with a comfortable fit.

9. ASPESI - £570 (€625 - $800)


This coat is a classic statement from Aspesi and one of their best sellers.


It is a combo of two jackets in one: you have a 100% navy wool coat on top and an inner detachable quilted nylon jacket.


You get the warm feeling and the functional design. And lots of pockets: three flap pockets on the outer, two zipped pockets on the inner jacket. The cut is regular as well as the fit.


Aspesi is one of those Italian manufacturers characterised by simple design, great functionality, very good quality and relatively reasonable price.


You won’t get wrong with this one, for sure.


10. HENTSCH MAN - £420 (€450 - $600)


New designer on the verge, new particular coat on the sight. This 90% wool and 10% polyamide single breasted brown blend tweed is very plain but very functional, with concealed buttoned cuffs, that make it look more as a heavy jacket than a coat.


The fit is true to size and relatively comfortable, and you can easily wear a blazer underneath without having to consider a size bigger than your normal one.



A mixed fabrics (60% wool, 30% cotton, 10% others) coat with knitted collar. Something fashionable and which you won’t find anywhere else... And just for £119!!!


It is on the Zara shelves this week and possibly next, so if you are really into “knitted details”, you probably won’t miss it.



...there is just one coat for you this season then. And that is the ALEXANDER McQUEEN double breasted full shearling coat for £4,000!

Don’t worry: the shearling is fully lined inside so you won’t feel the lasered effect of the fur on your skin. The cut is regular and you will be the warmest of your peers this Winter in any single city you hit for your holidays...


And probably you will also be the most watched and envied too...

7. Emporio Armani - £790 (€850 - $1,100)


And King Giorgio comes out with another strong piece: a 100% wool overcoat, with the amazing added features of a felted wool hood and a removable belt. A nice mix between a coat and a trench, but in wool and with a hood.


What more can you ask? The fit is slim and the feeling is comfortable. A must-have piece from Emporio.