"What about Men? An insight from NYFW"

10th September, 2012

Among all the Womenswear collections in New York, a Menswear one always stands up.

This collection is our friend Tommy Hilfiger, the guy that brought Britishness back into the American style (well, together with Ralph Lauren) and strengthened all those elements related to the College life that we always picture when we think of American campuses across the US.

So, I am sure all the A-men here are familiar with Tommy Hilfiger brand: from the famous polo shirts, to the classic white and navy shirts with well-defined collars, to their khaki and chino pants.

Because of this, you always try to look for these items in all Tommy Hilfiger shows, whenever these happen. And if you don’t find them, well, you cannot really say the collection was a success, right?

Indeed, it is hard to say this collection was remarkable.


There were some nice items, such as a couple of beautiful V-neck and round collar knits (these are in the first two looks I have selected), paired up with shorts, which gave the right imagine of the college life as always pictured by Tommy Hilfiger in his ads.


Another interesting piece (maybe the only one in stripes from this collection) was the long sleeved T-shirt combined with same patterned shoes and bag.


All the other stripes were actually quite repellent.


I have picked up three here and you can see why I have put those in the worst looks (a.k.a. “not to be followed”): they seemed to be oversize pyjamas… And lastly, there is also a pink suit that does not seem to work in college (or daily working) life at all.


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  • Nicko (Thursday, November 15 12 02:45 pm GMT)

    Ok, the first and second one I get but not in love with; the third one can't iiagmne any man I know who would DARE wear something like that and can't iiagmne he'd want to.Do you like this comment? 0

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