"London Fashion Night Out"

06th September, 2012

Here it is: that time of the year when the Vogue Fashion Night Out hits different capital in the world.


And here we are in London, ready to attack the city on what is going to be probably one of the most hectic evenings of the year.


After a quick tour of the Burberry Brit store in Covent Garden (where a presentation of the “Art of The Trench” is held, a.k.a. how to create your own trench coat by putting together different expensive elements from the brand’s collection of trims) and a brief visit to the pop store of Opening Ceremony next door (where we are simply amazed by the differentiation and display of the products, as we are a little concerned about their prices), we decide to move towards the first focal point of the event: Regent Street.


A quick look at the different high street stores in the first part of Regent Street (such as Mango, Reiss, etc.), and as soon as we start getting bored of the monotony of themes in the street, we decide to move towards the more hectic and noisy Burlington Street.


Here, we decide to take a look at Burlington Arcade, where all the action seems to happen.And here we find a new world: acrobats in the air, dancing while floating on big white ring, suspended in the air, attached to the roof.



Burlington Arcade: dancers are in the air...

The champagne is flowing from every little shop in the gallery.

One shop in particular catches our attention: it is the new Jimmy Choo dedicated shop to men.


First on its kind from Jimmy Choo, this tiny shop in the arcade provides an elegant selection of men’s shoes provided by the brand.


It is cosy, warm and gives you that luxury feeling that many big brands have lost by time in their stores.


In terms of the appreciation of it (and of the attentive care and details provided by the sales manager in store), we have snatched a couple of pictures worth of consideration. So, if you are in London this month, you definitively need to pass by the Arcade, just to give a look at this little gem.