Sept - Dec 2012

Alexander McQueen SS13

The September Issue....


And the October tips. 


This could sound like a perfect title for this part of our Blog Archive.


September is always a busy month for Womenswear. You have all the Spring Summer (2013) Women’s fashion shows, starting from New York, then moving to London, then Milan up to the final ones in Paris. A really hectic 4-weeks marathon which is fully covered in another blog (called “Fashion Scratches” on Tumblr) by one of our key A-Men team members (Milo C.)


So, some real calm and quietness in the men’s fashion world.


Still, we have some events such as the Vogue Fashion Night Out (on the 6th of September here in London) and some Men’s collections (showing up mainly in New York, which, as we now know, does not have a dedicated Men’s fashion week yet), which will be fully covered in some of our posts.


Then we have a new chapter, completely dedicated to our A-men: we start what we call our “Sartorial Guide” in October.


Here you can enjoy simple sartorial and tailoring tips focused on men’s suits and accessories, and check out everything we think is knowledgeable and worth of consideration within the smart dressing.


Finally, we have our special November and December sections: more celebrity style news (such as James Bond, Obama and Prince William's fashion secrets disclosed) together with more sartorial advises (this time the focus is on coats...).


So, while the world around us collapses, the economic crisis is far more stringent than ever, the climate changes and everywhere temperatures become colder, we provide you with a chilling reading on how to look always at your best (smart and elegant) through these tough times...


Enjoy! And have no regrets...


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