"Pitti Uomo SS13 - Part 2"

21st and 22nd June, 2012


Everyday is a Valentino's day... @Valentino Men SS13

Valentino’s Men Fashion Show is THE event of this Pitti Uomo.

Already last January, for the Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear collections, Valentino showed their collection in the beautiful settings of Florence, always in conjunction with the Pitti Uomo event.

I am not going to tell you who Valentino is and what this brand is about. This knowledge should be present already as “basics” for every single man who dares speaking about style and fashion.


I mean: if you have not heard of Valentino, you don’t know what fashion is really.


And more than that, what real and defining tailoring entails.


I am going to write a post about “The Basics” at the beginning of October, as soon as all these crazy fashion weeks end.


For now, as per my suggestion on a previous post, just focus on the pictures and on the looks.


Just look at the clothes and at the general style pictured in the images, and use it as a point of reference for your style guidelines for this season (Summer 2012) and next spring/summer 2013.


Everything will be explained in the posts coming after, and you can always come back to these pictures and posts (and using them as your own database) just to refresh or get everything clearer in a really next future.


But let’s go back to our Valentino Menswear collection for SS13.


Already at the opening of this post, you can see the first look I have selected for this blog. It is the look that opened the show.


Just notice how designers and brands ALWAYS put as their first look what they intend to be the main idea of that specific collection.


In this case, for Valentino, you can see an amazing lightweight jacket with some interesting insertions under the arms and on the shoulders, making this garment exceptionally clean and very trendy at the same time. Let’s say this would be the typical jacket to wear if you fancy being noticed during an early spring evening when you just arrive at one of the trendiest “aperitivo” places in your town to meet up with friends.

I also liked this look because of the trousers: finally, some real light and vibrant trousers, that not only sit very well with the jacket but also seem to be very comfortable (and not too hot…) to wear.


The second look, which follows below, is almost the same but with the colour variant for the jacket. I just loved the red colour of this lightweight piece of outerwear: if you have to have a piece of Valentino also, please remember it is one of the only (if not THE only) brand for which RED colour items are never vulgar to wear. Especially when paired with a white shirt.


Other two curiosities from this show, included: a nice sweater with wide sleeves around elbows (those sleeve types are also known as “leg of mutton” sleeves…and you can easily guess why) which gives comfort and style at the same time to the wearer, and a clean light blue sartorial look (do you remember? We saw already the white shirt beneath a suit in a previous look for this season, so it seems to be a trend…) perfect for your elegant evenings on the seaside.


What is definitely a NO for this collection (especially because I do not feel it is a Valentino look at all) were the different “mimetic” looks that the brand presented (of which I have only selected a picture for your reference here below, but please note there were at least five or six in the whole show).


Not only because they look too “winter” and already used and abused in many years, but also because, if you really like military and mimetic, there are other couples of (much cheaper) brands were you can find the same article and save your money for other big things.



Just to mention, as another highlight of yesterday, was Alexis Mabille’s fashion show.

I mean: Alexis Mabille has always been a “bad guy” among the French upcoming designers, so his collection did not seem right in the sartorial and quite refined settings of Pitti Uomo.

Nevertheless, I picked up one look that I found interesting (more for inspiration, than for real purchase), which is the white logo T-shirt with the blue shorts and a kind of rope belt breaking up nicely in the middle.


A “Really? I don’t think so…” look was instead this other version of summer pajamas in PINK colour (please, guys, do not show us anymore pajamas in pale colour this season, we BEG you), which was a hit in my left eye when it started coming down from the stairs (whose pain lasted until it finally disappeared from my sight).



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