"Milan Men SS13 - Day 4"

26th June, 2012


Dsquared2; chains and shorts

The last day of Milan Men’s Fashion marathon opens up at 9am with Dsquared2 fashion show.


Dean and Dan Caten are two Canadian twins (now moved permanently in Milan) that through Dsquared have created a new way of dressing up for male customer, which is an interesting mix between American elements and European fit and look.


You have probably heard about D-squared for their denim, which at a point, few years ago, was probably one of the most sought items across the globe, considering also that Dsquared, as a brand, only has few flagship stores worldwide (at the moment, actually, I only have in mind the one in Milan...) and sell all its clothes through department stores and specialised multi-brand shops.


And I have to say, this peculiar distribution strategy made it become a key brand, first for many gay customers (especially for the segment of gay male customers interested in showing off their more masculine side), and then for the rest of the world.


I have to say this latest collection was one of the less interesting from the duo. It was lacking the innovation and the aggressive themes that were always a constant of Dean and Dan's show, and even the whole collection looked a bit repetitive and a reappraisal of many elements from past collections.


Nevertheless, I have selected few looks which you might find interesting and inspiring... Especially if you like chains...


Indeed, you can finally take out from your wardrobe those long silver and steel necklaces and chains you had hidden for years and re-adapt them on top of your shirt, jacket or suit (even paired up with a black tie, as you can see on the second look below). So, a nice way to make an ordinary look, less ordinary and more appealing, especially if you are heading to a party directly from the office...


So, you see, this could be an interesting trend for SS13 and onwards...


The return of the chains...


And this is one of the reasons why Dean and Dan are always a good point of reference to look at.


Still, I found a couple of looks quite disturbing.


I have selected two of them here: the first one is a pink sweater that I am sure not even the gayest person in the world would consider buying; and the second one is a denim gilet with a leopard printed collar, which makes the whole look quite outdated (like early 80s... but the bad part of the 80s...).

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani: nice, clean look, always impeccable

The second show of this final day was another great performance (and demonstration) of Giorgio Armani’s greatness.


You can see Armani always gives his best in his first line, Giorgio Armani indeed, by showing not only more elaborated and sophisticated elements taken out from his Emporio collections, but also new and innovative concepts that make you realise that is still the KING of menswear.


As usual, there were too many looks worth admiring.


And too many good fabrics and textures that made this collection highly commercial and wearable.


From the first look you see here on the right picture (a simple beige jumper with brown inserts on the arms, paired up with some comfortable azure trousers), to the second and third (below, a opened up vanilla jacket, buttoned simply at the collar, and a nice blue single breasted light jacket with brown leather details on the pockets), to the fourth one (two nice double breasted open-collar cotton jumpers, that could be easily worn chest naked or with a light foulard along the opening), to the fifth and the sixth pictures (double and single breasted jackets, in light blue, light grey or white, worn on naked chest and paired up with same colour shorts or light and comfy trousers).


Still, two looks were a bit difficult to digest.


One was a grey check pajama trouser, together with a light blue coat with rough brown leather details (too rough to be considered nice and linear), and the second one was a blue and white psychedelic jumper and a gilet, which simply did not seem right to be in this collection.

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