July - August 2012

Picture taken from "Ibiza, mon amour" post...

July and August: holiday time?


Not really for us.


We start our July with the complete and detailed report from Paris Men SS13 Fashion Week.

As a quick and complete reference, we keep on selecting the best three/four looks to follow for each designer label in few posts, so that you do not have to navigate across thousands of pictures and pages in order to find something interesting.


We are here to help you working out on your look, so let us do the selection for you.

And just to show you our reliability and commitment to this cause, we also pick up the two/three worst looks from each fashion show or collection with regards to the next SS13. Basically, the ones you will never dare to wear not in a million years...


We know that the whole SS13 fashion shows section is mainly followed by our “fashionista” A-men.


Still, we want to be there and collect all the info and looks BEFORE the season comes, so that we can then tell you: “We told you that, six months ago: shorts are going to be the key item this spring and summer 2013”.  


Also, in July and August, we launch our first “Secret Guides” for A-Men on some of the hottest destinations this year: Ibiza, St Tropez, Marbella and Mykonos.


Not only we report here about nightlife and hidden beaches, but also we tell you the best restaurants and places to hook up (for all sexual orientations) or to have a drink and a simple chill out experience.


Because of the gems we disclose in this section of our Blog, all these posts are password protected and dedicated strictly and only to the A-Men that follow us with more enthusiasm and passion.


To gain access to this section, you simply need to write us an email at connect@amen-style.com with your name and explain us why you think you are an A-Man and what you want to get from this website.


If you are successful and disclose the real essence of A-Men, you will get the password.


Otherwise, please try again.


There is a whole world there to be disclosed and we just started...  



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