18th January, 2013


There are always lots of expectations from a Givenchy's fashion show.


And, generally, expectations are always met.


Today's Menswear show from Givenchy was another proof of this. There were impeccable suits in grey colour over black shirts, eclectic prints on grey and black background on T-shirts and sweaters, and, finally, shiny leather accessories with metallic component incorporated.


A particular emphasis was given to leather jackets and coats with fabric raglan sleeves, which were also detachable through shiny metallic zips around the shoulders.


This touch of innovation made the whole collection not only spotless and sartorially excellent (the refinement of the mix of different fabrics in many items was the strongest commercial proposition), but also trendy and desirable.


Here below the pictures we admired the most and which made us consider this fashion show as one of the best in Paris Men's AW13.




There are not so many shows we generally do not find anything to criticise for at all...


This season it was Giorgio Armani, Givenchy (just above) and Maison Martin Margela (to some extent).


In the specific case of this last brand, over-wrap was the key word of almost every look.


There were wool over-wrapped sweaters (with V-neck collar, extended just below the stern) and over-wrapped double breasted suit jackets (like the blue one in the look below we have selected).


There were many elements going away from formality, and still keeping the image of the potential Margela's male customers elegant and innovative at the same time.


Here below (and on the left) the key images we have selected from this AW13 collection.




Ann Demeulemeester


We know many of you out there are not yet able to pronounce the surname of this designer.


But check out the images below, and some very interesting looks, that even just for inspiration, will make you take an effort to learn how to spell it.


Here below our pick ups from the show.


Unfortunately, there were few little "mistakes" that make this designer still a bit far away from the potential recognition her experimentation could get her...


Here below the three major ones we picked up.


John Galliano


There is still subtle recognition towards this brand: its commerciability is quite strong, no matter if the designer whose name this company takes, is not directly involved in it anymore.


But you know, things can change, now that John Galliano is ready to make a strong come-back with the help of Mr. Oscar de la Renta.


And we can still appreciate all the main themes that are, once again, re-addressed by Galliano's apprentice in this AW13 Men's collection.


Here below our favourite picks.


There were also some moments of craziness (and, unfortunately, not so linked with the originality of the typical Galliano's elements) which made us scream "NO WAY".


Here below you find a couple of these for your (not-to-wear) reference.