17th January, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier remains always as one of the main attractions of the Paris Men's shows every season.


For AW13, JPG created clean-cut outfits in different layers, where baggy trousers and elongated jackets were the key items.


As typical of his signature, there were elongated slim suit jackets, sometimes covered by wool or cashmere sweaters, or by fine coats.


Grey, in all shades, was the main colour. Double-fabrics outerwear was also a strong presence, as well as a couple of suit jackets with studded sleeves.


The models on the catwalk were gently stripping off their clothes, to show all the differnt layers and real complexity (and also the finess) of the Jean Paul Gaultier's wardrobe.


Here below our favourite picks from the French fashion guru.


Louis Vuitton

Maybe the prints on coats were not a very strong feature this season in Louis Vuitton's men show.


Possibly, the plain coats were a stronger statement when paired up with fur details.


Even the jumpers with embroidered animal (of last season Burberry's memory) could be a stronger commercial input in store.


As usual, we all know that Louis Vuitton's point of strength is not in the ready-to-wear, but in the accessories (men's bags, in particular, which were (of course) in every single look presented).


Nevertheless, there were many commercial pieces, with interesting features and details such as the puffers with red zips and double-layered fur collars, the leopard print of the fur collar, the tuxedos for the eveningwear.


Here below are our favourite picks.


We have also picked up two pijama looks (as you can see below) that fell completely apart from the wearability concept of the other looks we have picked up.


Dries Van Noten


Not the best and most favourite of Dries Van Noten men's shows ever presented...


There is something wrong wit hthe idea of a wardrobe for the "walk of shame" of (gay and straight) men after a night out in a different house... And, if any wardrobe is involved, this should be something that makes that same walk as an illusion of "fresh and clean" llok, and not a continuation of the night before.


Anyway, there were few looks to be looked at with interest, and these were the ones below.


But just to give you an idea of the balance of the collection, here below the looks that made us turning our faces down...




New inspiring collection from the duo from Antwerp.


Few adjectives: interesting, clean cut, extravagant in some details as usual. Few colours were dominant, mostly black and grey. 


Here are our favourite picks from this AW13 collection.



Here below our favourite picks form the Balmain AW13 Men's presentation.


As you can see, we loved the nylon puffer components ins sweaters and jackets, a fancy red top with shoulder button fastening and mostly the black Tee with the embossed red B (for sure, one of the key seller in this collection).



Here below our favourite picks from the Rick Owens' AW13 collection.


And, as usual, also what made us scream "NO WAY, NO CHANCE"...