14th January, 2013


More than 90 outfits in a show.


When the King comes down, he always does it properly.


Some press still defines Giorgio Armani as a "classicist"...


Well, if classicism is subtle elegance, colour coordination, new sartorial elements that complement a very masculine look, every A-Man is a "classicist" by definition.


The first collection proposed by Armani, Emporio, is generally the most commercial one. Here you have the re-definition, season by season, of the entire wardrobe of the successful banker, consultant, advertising manager, and any other city-life profession you feel to add.


Worth noticing were not only the suits (with the additional waistcoat this season), but also the immense outerwear, always characterised by new elements (such as belt fastenings and furs at the collar) and the comfortably slim shapes of the trousers.


Coats and suits are the main paradigms of this season at Gucci too.


But this season the collection was not so "excellent" like last Autumn/Winter 12 (currently in store) or the latest Spring/Summer 13.


There were a lot of the usual elements of the Gucci's tradition: such as a lot of accessories, leather coats and jackets, overcoats with huge buttons, suits.


The only difference maybe was there were no ties around, but polo shirts under the jackets, and multi-colour foulards around the neck.


Still, bow ties were also here the main element for the evening looks.


And so, it was not so difficult to spot few looks that were not so intriguing and in line with the message of the collection, such as the two we have selected below as our "NO WAY" images...




Here below the looks we have picked up as most remarkable in the Canali AW13 fashion show of today...



And once again, the ones we found not so wearable, even for a brand like Canali...



Belstaff came back this AW13 season with a BOOM!!


The brand is upgarding the typical biker/aviator wardrobe with new elements: new jackets, military coats, belted puffers and quilts.


Outerwear is still the main element here, but this time around you can see also some good knitwear pieces and other coordinates to what used to be the explorer look.




You already know that Etro means exotic, excessive embroidery, abundance of layers and flowers.


So, none is surprised to see all these themes reported in the classic AW13 fabrics, such as velvet and wool, in colours that could seem improbable, but still are sold in many stores worldwide.


Again, Kean Etro presents his inspiration of Menswear which mixes up Italian sartorial tradition and Indian prints and colours. The result can be interpreted in many different ways, and if you do not like it, you can always refrain from buying or you can still scrolling down this page quickly to the next designer.


Nevertheless, here are our "worth mentioning" picks from the Etro AW13 Men's collection.



And also the four looks we found to be "most disturbing"...




For a long tradition, Fendi = Furs. And so, if you were missing long furs up to this day, here you can find any sort of fur collar or fur coats in Fendi's AW13 collection.


But fur was not the most important statement of this collection. Indeed, remarkable were the half-check half plain shirts (coordinated with ties), the beautiful high collar knitwear (and even the wool collars as separates, which are becoming a new trend of the upcoming season) and some of the standard wool coats (paired up with nice fur collars), as the ones we have selected just below.




But excessive fur coats did not spare the recognition of Fendi as one of the trendiest brands in Menswear these days, even though we know the two pieces below were just a minor hit in an impeccable collection and that some people out there will still buy and wear them in many occasions...




Here are our favourite picks from the usual controversial (but this time more commercial) Moschino's AW13 Men's collection.


Still, some pieces that simply COULD NOT be worn by any current human being...


Check them out below.